The Dance

Truism One:  Life is a Dance

Life is a dance.  Each step we take forward and each step back are orchestrated movements although we often fail to see the orchestration.  The melody–well–I like to think it is a God.  You may not believe in a God, but there is something in this universe that drives it and that scientists have not yet mastered.  So, it might as well be melody.

The lyrics are the science and the art that man has created.  They make more sense than the tune, but they do not drive the body into dance.  They explain, but sometimes they are wrong.  There are too many dis-proven scientific facts and mis-drawn reactions to believe that everything we “know is true” is really true.

But the dance is our own.  Dance.  Never be afraid of your step–it will take you forward or lead you back, but it will teach you.  Listen to your melody, no matter what you call it, for it will guide you.  Listen to the words–they might teach with their truth or with their mis-truth.  But, dance without regard to other people’s toes, or how you look, or whom you’re dancing with.