Truism Ten:  Listen before you speak

Technology has advanced so quickly within my lifetime that it is virtually limitless what we will be able to do in 20 years.  With smart phones, emails, chats, social sites and blogs, just as I am working with now, communication is unlike it has been in thousands of years.  For the first time, there is almost no communication.

How, with those smart phones, emails, chats, social sites and blogs, can there be no communication?  Everyone is too busy talking.  We all have too much to say.  We are too important.  These truisms are one-sided and I cannot hear your reactions.  I hope that I do not think that I believe I am too important, but I do have a lot to say.

Put down your cell phone or whatever little machine you have in your hand.  Don’t send the email.  Don’t accept the chat.  Those friends, most of whom you have never met, will wait.  Read this blog for just a few minutes more.  Comment, if you’d like.

When I say “go,” turn off the computerized marvel you are using to access this blog.  Come back later, of course.

Call your mom.  Listen to everything she has to say.  Enjoy her.  Communicate your life to her.  Listen.  Talk.  Listen.