Truism Five: Laugh

Three rules for a stress reduced life:
1 Every day, laugh at what ten people say;
2 Every day, make ten people laugh;
3 Every day, laugh at yourself ten times.

There are many coping mechanisms–internalizing, blaming yourself, cursing, aggressing. These things can vent some of the frustrations that life has to offer. On the other hand, these ventalizaions have side effects–psychological disease, hurt feelings and even death. One mechanism works at reducing stress–Laughter. A sense of humor can wad up the frustrations of the world and spew them out of your nose.


The world has ample material for your giggle. So many people are so full of themselves that they deal themselves out for ridicule. That is not to say that the natural substance of people should be laughed at. Don’t laugh at who a person is or what a person is. Laugh at what they pretend to be. When that person gets out of his absurdly expensive car and folds his sunglasses on the top of his pristine hair and straightens his designer shirt, thinking he is special, he offers himself to your sense of humor as much as the smell of baking bread offers itself to your sense of smell and taste.

Never miss an opportunity for a real checkle. Hurting one’s self is not funny. Farting is. Making someone feel bad is cruel. Realizing your own limits is funny.