Truism Thirty-One:  Be honest with yourself.

There is only one person who will be with you from the time you were born until you die.  You.  Get used to that person.  Do not lie to him or her—you will always know the truth, whether or not you want to believe it.  You will know when you do not understand something, no matter what you can convince others to believe.  You will know when you do understand something, no matter what others believe.  If you are sad, let yourself cry, but do not cry to appear sad when you are not.  If you are happy, let yourself enjoy it and share it.  That is one of the greatest gifts you can give both to others and to yourself.  Still, if the person you try to share refuses the offer, do not force it.  That will make you both sadder.

Despite all of this, you will fool yourself constantly.  You will believe what others tell you.  You will see the worst in yourself that really does not exist, or you will see the best in yourself that really does not exist, either.

If you are slightly above your ideal weight, as determined by others, you will see yourself as “fat,” or if you slightly scant, you will see yourself as a stick. If you are truly overweight, you may not see it at all, or truly scant, you may think yourself obese.  You will wear blinders, because you have failed to do the most obvious thing in the world.

Talk to yourself.  Have honest conversations.  Answer back.  Take account of truths within you.  Do not care too much what people think.  Whenever you are alone, talk to yourself, and do it occasionally in the company of others.  If appearances do bother you, sing instead of talk, since people don not judge self-singers as much as self-talkers.