Truism Thirty:  Finish what you start.

I offer this truism more personally than many of the others.  As with many tasks, we have multiple purposes in our performance.  This work, whatever you want to call it, is set as truths by my perception aimed toward my descendants, along with anyone else who might want to read them.  I have a personal hope that it might inspire both people’s hearts and people’s readership of other words of mine.  Toward that final goal, I feel somewhat unsuccessful, and toward the more lofty purposes, only time will tell my success.

Over the past several days, I have found myself busied by the endeavors of living and found less time to work on these truisms.  The preceding sentence is what many people call “an excuse.”  The truth here is that my intent is lessened due to felt failure.

We begin many tasks.  Some whittle away by the doing until their purpose is truly lost and their completion left undone.  Some are accomplished due to deadlines and responsibilities others have set and we cannot falter from.  But, some are inspired by ourselves, and these often blow in the winds, remaining undone for reasons we do not fully understand.

Do not wait until you are old to set a “bucket list.”  It is more difficult at 80 to ride a bronking bull than at 20.  Find the tasks and goals you want to accomplish in your life as you go, and accomplish them fully as you go.  There is a sincerely good feeling that comes with finishing a task, be it a book you write, a painting you master, a fish you catch, or a love you keep.  Live you life as a “bucket list.”  X off your accomplishments and feel pride for them, but do not flaunt them to others.