Truism Six: Beauty is a lot like money

Beauty, as a society defines it, is a lot like money.  Like money, beauty is an invention by a society.  Like money, beauty has no inherent value, but rather its value is decided by the society that invents it. Like money, the value placed on beauty is determined by the people who will later possess it.  Like money, the people without beauty are expected by the people with it to envy it and to want to have it. Like money, beauty, as a society defines, is a weapon used by people with it to defeat those people without it for survival of the fittest.

Look at it this way–A certain look is considered beautiful. The “experts” all agree. The media popularizes the look. Some people use this look or remake themselves to have this look in order to be beautiful. Some people have the look naturally and without intent reap benefits from the look.  Others have very little chance to attain the look. The first two smaller groups–those who use it and those who have it–win, the large third group–those without it–fails. After a period of time, the look changes, the hair grows longer or shorter, the shade lightens or darkens, the dimensions grow or shrink.

If money is a weapon, beauty is a ball within the cannon.

All of this is about one type of beauty–the unimportant type. Beauty has another meaning when society keeps its hands off of it. Beauty also can be a lot like the melody of the universe. We follow our own tune and decide what we like. Be careful not to let society to influence you. You are fully capable of seeing your beauty without any help. For one person a sunset can be breathtaking; for another a skyscraper can be majestic.

It doesn’t really matter what you find to be beautiful, but seek out that true beauty your entire life. The pleasure it gives is unlike anything society can invent. But be careful, it is extremely easy to use the destructiveness of the cannonball. It is very easy to use the love of your own beauty to think yourself superior to other people. You are no more or less beautiful then they are. Appreciate the beauty in everyone.

And, by the way, you are beautiful.