I thank all of the readers I have gained for this blog.  Many of you have blogs I am now following.  I admit I have not found the time to read them thoroughly, but the project I have placed before me was to complete this work as quickly as I could.  Toward that end, I have completed almost half of the project within the last ten days.  For now, I am scanning your blogs for ideas and inspiration.  I promise to read more completely and comment more as soon as my endeavor is complete.  Feel free to comment.  I would love to hear what you think.

If you find this blog interesting and even slightly inspirational, I request whatever publicity you might be able to offer.  Like you, I hope for greater readership.  I must also admit a degree of mercenary, hoping the blog will lead people to my Kindle books.  I speak badly of money, but in the world we are in, it is necessary for the rent.  The books are only 99 cents.

I have wanted to keep this blog intact for as long as possible, but with the number of entries and the YouTube videos I have added, it is becoming long-on-the-page.  Soon, I will be shortening the page so that some early entries will be archived.  Any new reader who reads this will, I hope, look at the complete work through the archives.

Again, I do promise to look at your blogs in greater detail soon and make honest comments.  I hope you will do the same.


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