Truism Twenty-Six:  Sex is not magic.

Sex is a hallmark in the process of maturing, so is pimples, voice pitch and hair at your armpits.  Sex has a bit more mystique associated to it.  Sex also elicits a euphoric sensation, so does tasting certain spices, smelling certain aromas and hearing certain vibrations.  By the way, intense fear also tantalizes the nervous system.

The flying monkeys from the movie The Wizard of Oz were intensely frightening.  By the 1960s they were consider corny.  Alfred Hitchcock movies like Psycho and The Birds were intensely frightening in the 1960s.  By the 1970s, scenes in Hitchcock movies were considered corny.  Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Dawn of the Dead made graphic the scenes Hitchcock alluded to.  Soon these movies were corny as graphics de-synthesized viewers to the very scenes they promoted.

Several periods in several cultures attributed sex as a naughty thing.  Just as the movie vision of fear presses us farther and farther into not understanding fear, recreational sex has moved us from understanding intimacy.  The act of sex has only the mystique we place on it.  It, quite frankly, is just another endeavor the body is capable of performing.  Sex is not a big deal–intimacy is.  The intimacy between two partners in a monogamist relationship demonstrates both persons willingness to reveal themselves completely.  Having sex frequently with whomever is nearby de-synthesizes us to its real joys—not the incidental physical sensation, but rather the emotional connection.


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