Truism Twenty-four:  Don’t put off until tomorrow…

I was going to write this truism earlier, but I kept putting it off.  We procrastinate for many reasons, but usually, I think, it is because having a task we have to do forces a control on us, and we resist control.  If someone told you to eat some chocolate cake, very likely you would resist it.  You are going to procrastinate sometimes, so be prepared for the consequences.  Choose what you put off wisely—which by my comment above means you will resist it.  OK try this—procrastinate all the time.

When dealing with real deadlines, account for what will happen if you fail to meet them.  If it’s a mere slap across the wrist, you might take your chances.  If you delay filing your income takes, you might go to jail.

When dealing with the work you do, develop a strong work ethic, so it is really rude to put off and make others do your work.  If you want to be a jerk, no one will like you and you might get fired.  If that’s OK with you, go for it.

When dealing with your own personal deadlines, you have the most leeway and the greatest of not setting the deadline in the first place.  You may have meant to set it, but put the decision off.


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