Truism Twenty-Seven:  Marriage is a good thing.


I am a proponent of marriage.  I think it is a good thing.  Marriage is the most basic form of society, the formation of a union, using the committed strength of both parties to protect itself as a unit.  Two are stronger than one.

Back when people had the idea that more than one is stronger than one and societies were born, they mucked up the idea. To develop society, they developed them based upon control.  After all, all relationships are built on the idea of control.  When they designed society, they built it upon controlling one another.  Laws, trade and rituals told the individual what not to do, or else punishment would be administered.  It did not instill an attitude of working together.

As the basic form of society, marriage is doomed to failure if it controls individuals negatively.  The two will constantly be at odds.  Marriage, and for that matter society, can work best if it controls them positively and on togetherness.

Marriage in hard times tends to work better than when things are easy.  The partners work together against a common adversary and the partners worked together.  When survival became easier, marriage began to fail.  The partners had nothing to work for, so they against each other and for the individual.

Marriage, and society, can succeed in easier times if the partners work for the relationship, itself.  The commitment of marriage rather than co-habitation means you have decided to build, rather than separate easily.  The ease of divorce destroys the commitment, too.  Before you marry, you need to be sure of your willingness for the commitment, and you need to fulfill the vows you make.


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