Truism Twenty-Three:  Watch for the backlash.

Every action has a reaction, but unlike Newton’s law of motion, the reaction in life is seldom equal.  Foolhardiness is the action of fool, and they have to be hardy to withstand the backlash.  If you are texting while walking, you may fall in a manhole.  I hope you don’t get hurt, but you deserve the falling.  Texting while you’re driving, is just plain stupid.  You do not deserve the results, and neither does the person you hit.  You do deserve the jail time.  If you perform a good deed for a stranger, you deserve that moment of joy.  When you begin living with the recognition of consequences, you can truly succeed even if fickle money unluckily escapes you.  You can avoided bruises.  And, you can win at chess.

Risks sometimes have to be taken, and sometimes the real consequence might not be predictable.  If you run into the burning building to save a child, it can be the most joyful moment of your life.  You both also might die.  Decide well before you try.  It is probably not wise to run in to save a cherished cat.  You decide.

Consequences are the main provider to teach.  Falling in the pothole should teach you not to walk and text.  But, do your best to think ahead.


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