Truism Twenty-One:  Education is the fore step

It is entirely possible that learning might bore you.  We begin learning from birth, if not before.  By ages one, two and three, we have learned the word “Why” and apply it to everything.  We have so much we want to learn and so many other needs, our attention spans are not terribly long.  So, if our parents try to actually answer our “Why,” we lose interest for that moment.  At best, the schools we attend try to teach answers, but it is difficult sometimes, and they want us to remember things that are not immediately gratifying.  Teachers start assigning ridiculous grades to us for quantifying purposes.  We become fearful of grades, which act like negative reinforcement against our early curiosity.  People who want to sell things to us, and to our parents, recognize our short attention spans and need for immediate gratification.  They use these tools to train us into buyers.  By our teens, it is a wonder if we want to learn a thing, at all.

Stuff is amazing, whether it is history that tells us who we were and what we are, science and math that explains all of those “Whys” we had as toddlers, language that gives us our voice to add our lyrics to the melody of the universe.  Education is the fore step in life’s dance.  Letting yourself be destroyed by the people that did not handle our natural “Whys” well can sentence you into thinking moving forward is boring.  No dance consists only of back peddling.  No wonder many of us get stuck in the temptation of the back step, vice.


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