Truism Twenty:  Vices are the back step.

A vice can mean many things, but here it is meant to refer to those nasty habits we all have and already know are nasty habits.

First, beware drugs.  They can eliminate your capacity of knowing their danger, while being among the most dangerous things you can do.  Second, beware decadence.  It has much the same effects as drugs, as a segment of society will deny its danger, while leading you to a lifestyle you never imagined.  Third, beware extremism.  While washing your hands, collecting mementoes and having personal rituals are certainly not bad things, an overriding fear of infection, hoarding and absolute belief in superstitions can be harmful if they effect your everyday life.

All of us practice vices.  Some of us talk too much, criticize too much or apologize too often.  Vices are the back steps in our dance.  How we deal with managing the back step and overcoming the back step to move forward builds our personalities and develops our strength against more malicious vices.

By definition, vices are bad things, things we should avoid, rather than a term to excuse behavior we know is bad.  Recognize your vices.  Never fool yourself.


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