The Body

Truism Nineteen:  Appreciate your body.

The brain is an extraordinary thing, as I have expressed before and will again.  Next to the brain and encompassing it, the body rivals the brain’s marvel.

Live in a health-conscious lifestyle and the body, despite any faults it may have, will serve you for any endeavor you may pursue.  Unfortunately, it also means you may never taste lasagna, fudge and bacon.

Live in an unbridled lifestyle and the body, despite any natural strength it may have, may falter in a dozen vital organs.  You may live half as long, but you might enjoy the time twice as much.

Some researcher somewhere will eventually discover a major problem with everything we enjoy, from the egg to the chicken.  Just as a prosecutor examines supportive experts, a defense attorney can find equally expert witnesses countering a claim.  The bad cholesterol of the egg may clog your arteries.  The nutrients of an egg may be beneficial for the eyes.  Truth be told, moderation is the key for the body and most other aspects of life.  Exercise may save your life or may contribute to heat-exhaustion.

Remember the following about your body:  Protect your teeth—you will miss them if you do not; Protect your joints—they will torment you if you do not.


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