Omega Factor

Truism Eighteen:  Beware the Omega Factor.

There is a power in the universe called the Omega Factor.  Little, if anything, is known about its origin.  It exists rather like bubbles of varying size.  Frequently the Earth’s orbit takes in thousands of the OFs.  Some withstand gravity only a few minutes, while other tarry for days or weeks.  Inside an OF, everything skews, random people begin acting bizarrely, making little sense, and with one acting in such a manner, others are prone to join, dominoes.  Occasionally, an OFs can be dangerous, but usually they simply mystify.

To my real knowledge, Omega Factors do not exist, but they, as well as anything, explain why the world, either in its entirety or just the world about you, seems to go crazy at times. I wish I had advice on how to handle the dangerous times, hurricanes, earthquakes, divorce.  The benign times, though, when people make the least sense, like people around the cartoon Ziggy, are there for your enjoyment, as far as I can tell.

Please call me if you every figure out what causes OFs.


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