The Gift

Truism Seventeen:  The Gift is you.

It is difficult to understand completely in this commercialized, money-oriented, materialistic world that we have created that the greatest gift is you.

A couple of confessions:

First, when I was young, I’m not sure exactly why, I wanted to leave the smallest footprint possible on this Earth, wanted to affect the fewest people that I could, so that my end would hurt the fewest number of people possible.  I thought I was giving them a gift and causing the least about of grief.

Second:  When I was young, I felt I was a disappointment to my father.  I was the child of his middle-age, born when he was 54.  He retired when I was ten.  He wanted to share good times with me, hunting, fishing, gardening, things he found important.  None of these things were important to me.  I was that geeky-type and preferred to spend time alone.  I am still not certain if I was a disappointment or not.

I direct the following to those I have dedicated this work to; maybe it will strike a chord with more of you.

You are not a disappointment to me.  Your existence is, just as my existence is, the most extraordinary gift you or I can imagine.


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