Truism Thirteen:  Love is blind.

People say, “Love is blind.”  They mean this statement in a lot of different ways.  For some people, it means when in love one cannot see anything else in the world.  For others, it means the appearance and faults of the object of love does not matter.  For still others, it means the lover cannot see the consequence of his or her actions.

Just as the statement is vague, love is vague.  Love is a fog.  Love can be almost anything.  Love is protection, such as the newborn’s love of those who allow life.  Love is giving protection, such as the newborn parent’s love of that tiny being.  For the teen, love is lust, an active break from childhood.  For the old, love is warmth, an active delay of the hereafter.

If life is a dance, as I have suggested, and the melody is some basic orchestration of the universe, and the lyrics are the words artists, scientists and philosophers have applied, love is the song.  There is a reason that most songs are about love.  When you find love, you are singing your song.  And, when you are looking for it.  And, when you are recovering from it.  And, when you do not want to believe it is important at all.

Since I am discussing love, I should add a different piece of advice here.  For a successful marriage, think about the love each day.  It is a partnership like no other.  If you only think about yourself only, the marriage will probably fail.


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