Life’s Mystery

Truism Fourteen:  Life is not a mystery.

Life is not a mystery.  There are no clues to unearth or criminals to discover.  This said, there are many tendencies people have that attempt to solve the incidents of our existence.

Excuses do not solve problems.  Nature perhaps, or some need for acceptance, make giving reasons seem like a good idea.  Let’s say you are late for work and call in.  Saying your alarm clock failed to wake you, or traffic was bad, or marauders abducted you will not change the fact you are late.

Finding fault will not relieve a situation, and it will not promote your position.  It will make you look bad.  You tell your boss, “Look at the mistake Joe made.”  Nine out of ten times, your boss will ask, “Why didn’t you stop him from making it?”

Diverting blame will only work when you are the boss.

Complaining just makes you look bad, too.  At dinner, the mashed potatoes are salty.  Everyone who is eating has a sense of taste and knows.  When you say, “The potatoes are salty,” no longer are the people thinking about the salty potatoes.  They are thinking how unappreciative you are for having mashed potatoes.  Wait, I forgot you stopped eating mashed potatoes at four-years-old because you’re a picky eater.

Whenever possible, use the smallest tool you can find that will get the job done.  If you need a pair of tweezers, do not use pliers.  If you are late, say you are sorry.  If Joe is guilty, tell Joe how the error made your life tougher.  If the potatoes are salty, drink water.  Using the wrong tool will make your life tougher.


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