Truism Eleven:  Everyone has an agenda.

First, a stastics lesson, but recognize I have performed no studies to support my claims.  Take 1000 people.  Fewer than one has a psychological disease that has removed his or her ability to have remorse.  Fewer than one has the capacity to give completely to others and the willingness to suffer any personal cost for that gift.  Pretty much, you still have 1000 in the survey.

All of the rest have a personal agenda that might make others suffer for his or her gain, but do not particularly want others to suffer.

About 100 are willing to take what another person has actively, disregarding the other person’s loss but not particularly wanting to hurt the others.  Among these 100 are thieves and Wall Street investing moguls.

About 100 are active in their religious endeavors for at least five days per week.

About 200 would keep property someone else has lost, say a wallet found in a supermarket shopping cart, and give no real attempt to return that merchandise, “Finder’s keepers.”  About 200 would keep the property but feel guilty for doing it.  About 200 would keep the merchandise up to a certain monetary value but make some efforts over that value, afraid they would get caught.  About 200 would make real efforts but hope the efforts are in vain.  About 200 would find the loser of the property.

About half of the 1000 are fearful of others.  Security is their personal agenda.  They make strong efforts to protect themselves, even if the efforts make innocent people suffer through their security measures, “Better safe than sorry.”  About half of the 1000 are not fearful.  Acceptance is their personal agenda.  These 500 are considered fool-hearty and afraid of making waves by the 500 who lay brick and mortar to protect themselves from dangers that really do not exist.

You will want many things during a lifetime, both material things and things of the mind, like love, hope and peace.  Set your own agenda, of course, and change it as needed.  Actively, try not to hurt others as you pursue these goals, and don’t be willing to hurt others under an excuse that it was necessary.  You will feel guilty with the materials you gain from this method.  The things of the mind simply cannot be obtained this way.  You cannot seek love, hope or peace after you have hurt others to obtain it.


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