The Brain

Truism Nine:  Appreciate your brain.

Your brain is a three pound miracle.

It organizes more functions—nerves, muscles, glands—in your body than any King, Emperor, President, Dictator, whatever ever governed people, and unlike all of those heads-of-state your brain governs its functions well.

Your brain catalogs every memory you’ve had, from plucking your first booger to sitting down in the chair you currently are in; it can hide the memories that might damage you; it can stack the memories you don’t need deeper; and it can find an incidental morning at Aunt Tilly’s twenty years ago as soon as you smell baking bread—plus it processes the smell.

Your brain is as large as the universe.  Through your imagination, you can experience life on another planet, you can relive any event you have ever had, and you can meld stray data into an artistic creation that Salvador Dali couldn’t decipher.  You can do anything.  And believe it or not, you can do this all in your sleep.

If someone placed a machine with the brain’s capabilities on an infomercial with a fair price for it, the richest person on the planet couldn’t afford it.  Yet, it is free for a lifetime.

Your entire body is so extraordinary that you will never be able to thank the people who gave it to you enough.  That brain, alone, is a marvel.  When old people like me tell you, “Don’t screw it up.”  Listen.  There is no money-back warranty for your body or your brain.  We live in a throw-away world, with many people who were taught that it’s OK not to finish their mashed potatoes.  We throw everything away.  Don’t waste your brain.


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