Truism Eight: People adore toys

I may be absolutely wrong with the following. I think the wheel was invented by a child. I think while the parents in a wheel-less world were busy providing for their families, a five-year-old played with some round stone. I think the wheel was invented many times, by many children until some parents realized how useful the round toy was. With that simple round toy, people learned to build shelters that later became cities and civilizations. And, I think after adults learned the usefulness of the round toy that made their lives easier, sometimes, they played with round toy, too.  By the way, the parents probably never thanked the child.

We adore toys.

Within my lifetime, television changed from an interesting gadget to the conveyer of most communication, the telephone interconnected diverse parts of the globe, and computers became one of the Modern Wonders of the World. People can hardly fathom a world without their gadgets.

I also think during the time I have taken in writing this truism on such a gadget, most of the most brilliant minds of the world have  been toiling over new gadgets. Those gadgets make certain people rich. Unfortunately, wealth is a weapon. We spend our time playing with those gadgets, instead of correcting problems within the world. Most brilliant minds are making gadgets, instead of curing disease, ending starvation and fixing the atmosphere.

Maybe, I’m wrong.

I think, too, many people are inventing gadgets and too many people are playing with gadgets. I think, maybe, we should have played with the box on our first birthday.


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