Truism Four:  Use your brain: Be Thoughtful

Be nice if you will–It’s a nice thing to be, but sometimes the old addage is true and you
may finish last in the race–finishing last is not the worst thing that can happen to you.

Be kind if you can–It’s the kind of thing that speaks well of you. There is virtually no
down-side to it.

But always be thoughtful. You have a brain. Use it. You may not cure a deadly disease in
your lifetime. You may not invent anything that will help humanity. You have a brain that
can be full of thoughts–is full of thoughts. Direct some of those thoughts to others. Be

Today, where I live, an elevator services several floors. I pressed to call it, and a woman
exited with a heavy load. It appeared she had more loads to bear. I helped her with a door
and took the elevator. After I pressed my floor, I returned the elevator to the woman. She
may not have needed it. She may not have noticed it was there for her if she did, and
probably she didn’t notice or appreciate my small act. It may have saved her a few moments
of wait. Maybe, someone needed the elevator elsewhere, but I knew where she was and her
probable needs. Using just a little thought, thought I will never miss in this rattled head
of mine, may have helped another person. If we all used our brains for others, what a
wonderful world this would be.


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