Truism Three:  Money is a Weapon

Once upon a time, in this survival of the fittest world we live in, strength was determined by violence.  The strongest would beat any competitor to a pulp, or even kill them.  From time to time, we continue to use this method to decide the strongest and who will survive.

Long ago, people learned a basic problem with this means of deciding.  That is, the use of violence had a down-side.  You see, people are vain.  Violence left no one to really appreciate who the strongest was.

So, about the time laws were invented, society also invented money.  With money, the rich could lavish themselves with anything they wanted, and the poor—well the poor could appreciate the rich and wish they had money, too.  The rich used gold with the same aggression that the strong could use clubs.  The bruises were harder to see.

Remember, there is no inherent value in gold, or without the gold standard in credit limit.  The only worth money has is what we place on it.  And, it is a weapon.  It always was, and it always will be.

Use money wisely and carefully.  Never cherish it.  A spear can be used to till a field, to raise a crop, to feed the hungry.  When you lift it from the ground, remember, others have much stronger spears than you.


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