Truism Two:  Control is the Gravity of Society

Whether you believe a God created everything or believe that chemistry and physics adapted the universe from debris of the Big Bang, people created society.  Society is a work-in-progress,  created to allow the inter-relationships of people and to limit them from destroying one another.

Society is a big thing, not as majestic as a redwood or as formable as love.   A kind of gravity holds society together, one basic to relationships. The gravity is control.

If you put two people together on a deserted island, almost instantly, each will try to control the other. “I gathered coconuts yesterday.” “I don’t know how to make fire.” On some levels, one will assume control. On other levels, the other will.

People resist control. It feels as though it takes your power away and gives it to unknown hands.  Yet, there is no way to escape it, and we need it. Or else, no one would drive the speed limit.

In your life, everyone and everything, in some way, will try to control you. From the writers of human laws to the forces of nature, not a moment of your life will be etched without some influence, intended or not, by outside forces. Likewise, from the moment you were conceived, you began trying and succeeding in pressing your control over everyone and everything about you.

Living is a thing about control.


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